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Murano Glass Blog – Wiki Learning

In the following you will find useful articles about the world of Murano Glass.

Are you curious about Murano Glass techniques? There are several articles describing famous Italian Glass techniques such as the colorful murrine but also the classical sommerso or battuto.

Would you like to discover the history of one of the famous glass artists of Venice? Some articles are describing the history of artists such as Mario Badioli, Fratelli Pitau, Carlo Moretti, Seguso, Mario Costantini and more.

Finally, there are also useful articles providing tips on how to proper recognize Venetian glass or original glass pieces from Mario Badioli. As you are aware on the market there are multiple sources which provide counterfeit glass. They are produced far away from Murano and sold as authentic Italian glass. Here we provide several guides on how to make sure that the glass that you buy is authentic and certified.