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Happy Clown Mojo – Murano Clown

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Product Description

Production: Handmade Murano glass
Artist: Fratelli Pitau – Certified Murano master glassmaker
Delivery: 15 days
Dimensions: 17 cm (height) – 10 cm (width)

Glass Clown Ornaments by Fratelli Pitau

The Happy Clown Collection was created by Fratelli Pitau, a family owned certified Murano glass manufacturer, located in Murano, Italy. The history of the atelier dates back to 1964 when the Pitau brothers established the manufacturing unit or as the Italian call it, vetreria. The signature products of the Fratelli Pitau vetreria are the Happy Clowns. The art of making a Murano glass Happy Clown is passed down through generations within the Pitau family. Currently the company is owned by Maria and his brother, who are the children of the founding father of Fratelli Pitau vetreria. Maria and his brother are very proud on their Murano glass Happy Clowns and allowed us to film the making of the handmade clowns. We found it fascinating to see how the liquid glass gets its final shape in the expert hands of Maria and his brother.

The displayed glass clown ornaments is an original masterpiece, the authenticity is guaranteed.

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